My first tweet

‘What is art?’ material

“Art is:

  • different
  • unexpected
  • not quite in your ordinary experience but related to your ordinary experience”

I’ve always taken this approach to arranging furniture. I figure out where the couch or bed would be expected and put it somewhere else. To me, this makes for an interesting room, and that trumps practical considerations.

Someone else could hold the missing piece to turn my small hunches into a great idea?  I believe Steven Johnson on this. I also agree that the connectivity of social media can be positive but only in moderation. Have you ever been nudged out the door while feeling blah by a friend’s picture of their fun outing? Inspiration vs. waste of time – it’s up to you…


“Find a place you trust, and then, try trusting it for awhile.”

I could really use a lesson on this one. My nature is to constantly scan for danger and consider what could go wrong. After all that work, isn’t the logical next step to trust?

Best advice from other students

Help others! When is this ever bad advice?

Daily Creates

“The best time of the day… show us why in a photo you take today at the best time.”

“Draw a sketch of a place you have been to in your dreams and describe your place in 120 characters or less.”

“Find the nearest item to you that is red. Take a picture.”

Reflections on unit one

WordPress definitely has a learning curve, but it’s like that novel you just can’t put down. Setting up the menus was the trickiest.

I am excited about the huge variety of media I will be learning and the supportive community there seems to be. I am brand new at most of this. I just learned what a hashtag is. So, I don’t know what, if anything, to dread.

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